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Dream Interpretation - Dream Progress! Neglected Pets

Read this Dream story as it is new chapter in my dream work with my anxiety dreams!

Night time in an Encampment

I was in my home which was a yurt. It was night time and the yurt interior was dark with a small hearth fire in the center. I was preparing for something and I moved some shallow wooden crates around and opened one up to find two juvenile brown snakes. They were docile and did not move. I slid the tray back into place to close it and pulled the next shallow wooden create open to find two more small brown snakes. These two also were docile and did not try to flee when I uncovered them. I said to myself "I will just put this tray back carefully to make sure they stay safe." I looked up and saw a small fox faced mammal in an alcove in my yurt walls. The alcove was a foot wide gap where the two walls overlap and do not touch. I saw that it was a black bat with a red furry body. Its huge black eyes were looking at me. I thought to myself that little bat is okay there. I was about to step outside my yurt and saw a little brown sparrow on the ground just outside my front entrance. It let me pick it up. I cradled it in my two hands and said "I'm surprised you let me pick you up. I hope you are okay." I started to pet its face and feathers and it did not panic or struggle to get free from my hands. I wiped its wings and then its face. When I wiped it's wings, scales like snake skin started to slough off. Just one layer under my touch. Then I stroked its face and a thin layer of the beak came off, like a cat nail, and I thought I should bring it inside to keep it away from prey. I stepped back inside my yurt and remembered the bat in the alcove. When I looked into the corner the mammals face was the same but it was no longer a bat. It was now a ferret or a sable colored martin. I said "Oh! I cannot keep this little bird here", so I stepped back outside with the little bird in my hands and started to walk past the yurts of the others living in the encampment. The other yurts were set up on either side of a wide main corridor leading outside the village. It was still nighttime and I walked all the way out of the encampment into the dark night. I kept walking until I was stopped by a large stone wall. I walked to the edge of the wall and leaned over to look around it to look past and there was nothing but empty blackness. Then suddenly gusts of snow blew up and all around me where there was no wind before. White grains, shimmering like silver snow, swirled up and I immediately hurried back to the encampment. I knew I had to get back to my yurt. All this time still hanging onto the little brown sparrow. As I walked into camp I saw that most people had packed up their yurts and left. The blowing snow had reached the camp. That is all I remember.

Dream Analysis

In comparing this dream with the Neglected Pets dream there are some similarities. They both take place in a location that I consider my home, to me that is an anchor that ties the two dreams. The dreams are happening in the dark or at night and they both have the same motif of boxes and crates that I have to sort and the boxes have animals that I did not know were there. What is very different and why I believe this story to be the next chapter in my neglected pets anxiety dream work, is that the animals I am finding this time are all completely fine! and in my dream I recognize this fact. This second chapter still has a dark and anxious overtone to it but in the dream I am content and confident that I can look after the animals. This is definitely dream progress!

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Aug 28, 2022

interesting that it is at night. A lot of my dreams are also not in bright daylight. I wonder what it means the time of day? Also I think different animals represent different aspects of ourselves; I wonder who the fox/bat/martin is... he seemed an observer rather than someone who belongs there...

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