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Being back in Highschool - Dream Interpretation - Anxiety Dream

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Dee's Dream...

It’s a recurring dream of the last day of high school. I’ve had this dream many times during adulthood. Because it’s the last day of school, I have to clean out my locker. The details of where my locker is in the different hallways keep changing and the people I’m with or meet are usually different but there is always a ton of books and bags and sometimes there are items that don’t belong to me that I need to clear out. I usually feel very frantic and rushed in these dreams like everything is going to be thrown out right at say, 4pm. Sometimes I end up being successful in putting everything in my backpack that needs to be removed and other times there are still items left that aren’t really mine so I leave them behind to get thrown out.


In this tier 1 level of analysis we look for key symbols or key actions taken by the Dreamer. The Dreamer advises that this dream scenario has replayed and revisited itself several times throughout her life. This dream narration falls into a class of dreams that are repetitive anxiety dreams. Only through further discussions with the Dreamer we can we ascertain if this is of the functional or dysfunctional type. Most often than not, if the scenario being played out is not occurring in the Dreamer’s current daily Awake life and – “is not serving the Dreamer in any way, the response would be aimed at reducing the power of the effect of this old dream field” – C. Sowton. N.D. @christophersowton

This can be achieved through a couple of sessions of active imagination working with myself, one on one. Alternatively, an Anxiety Dream Narrative Script can be drawn up personalized to the Dreamer and what is exactly happening in her Dream. This will allow the Dreamer to re-enter the dreamscape and change the outcome of the dream scenario. By doing this the dream over time will change for the positive or resolve and dissolve itself. Please let me know if you want to proceed further with options presented. See other anxiety dream blog entries.

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose

I've often dreamt of being back in school but for me its me wondering why i am going to high school again since I already have a university degree? I think these are basically unlearnt lessons or unresolved issues - but which - that is the question

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