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Dream Exploration

Do you have dreams that stay with you after you awake?

Do they conjure up emotions that inspire you?

Do you want to learn more about what your inner being might be telling you?

The Ancient Egyptians understood dreams to have meaningful messages from the liminal realm of Divinity and the Ancestors.

Why do this work?

Dreams are not just fanciful stories that our minds conjure up during our sleep.  They have meaningful messages they wish to tell our wake selves.  Full of symbols, metaphors and allegory.   I believe if you are here then you already know all this.    The Ancient Egyptians believed dreams to be an "awake" time, where the dreamer witnessed and had events happen to them.    In this liminal realm, petitions could be made to Divinity and the Ancestors and they could in turn, respond to the dreamer.   Dream incubation practices through guided meditation and the use of ritual tools all help the dreamer effect the dreams they are about to experience.  A good understanding of AE moral teachings, lore, myth and writings about every day life also reflect on the importance of understanding dreams. Talking and sharing dream experiences  to explore meanings will help you recognize an untapped potential of wisdom that is hidden just below the surface of our consciousness.  I also look at modern philosophies about dreaming and the self, mainly applying Jungian archetypes, plus the work of other dream researches such as Dr. Hill, R. Hurt, Toko-pa and Dr. Sowton.  

It is generally understood that in order for therapy to be effective, "the ego must be broken through" to reach a state of mind that is outside our normalcy.  Outside our bubble of comfort.  If we are always in our comfort zone we become stagnant and start to lose faith in our abilities.  We need to spend time outside our comfort zone to reconnect with our vulnerability and learn again to trust in our capabilities and our capacities.   Traditionally there are several ways of achieving this state.  Ritual, either alone or with others, is one way.  With doing small ritual rites with the intention of dream incubation, our unconscious becomes aware and a dialogue with the inner self can commence.  This inner dialogue is the first step in the journey of self discovery and healing.  There is nothing more freeing than being free from the bonds of the ego and having confidence in oneself that is always with you.  That permeates every facet of your being and in every interaction you do you have a wellspring of faith and understanding in yourself, that you carry with yourself, in good time and in bad times.  That feeling of being better connected to oneself opens up for better connectedness to the universal cosmic consciousness on a whole.   That is the priceless gift that comes to those who do the work of self exploration and this journey starts with understanding your dreams. 


I can help you with this.  


Tier 1 - Dream symbol identification

Describe to me your dream/vision in the first person.  Meaning, go back through your dream/vision and describe to me what is happening while it is happening.  Remembering the dream in this manner has twofold benefits.  Firstly, it puts the dreamer back in touch with the events as they happened.  Do not extrapolate on events.  If it did not come to you in the dream do not add details to it now to make it more fulsome.  Keep the dream sequence as true to its original as possible.   Secondly, remembering in the first person puts the dreamer back in touch with any emotions that the unconscious wanted the consciousness to feel.  In this first tier of dream analysis key symbols or important actions are pointed out and explored briefly to give the dreamer insights into what the dream sequence is about and what the unconscious is trying to tell us.   If you are interested in this first level of analysis, press button below to send out an email with your dream inquiry. 

Please allow one week for this service once payment is confirmed.

The fee for this service is $15.00. 

Tier 2- Deeper delving

In this second level of analysis I look for significant events and symbols in the dream/vision as they are understood in Ancient Egyptian Dream manuals and literature.  Further referencing these newly emerging perspectives with Jungian archetypes and methodologies.  An ancient perspective helps root us to our ancestors.  The modern Jungian philosophies gives us insights into our light/shadow selves and help identify any archetypal behaviors that might be manifesting and causing issues.   

Choosing tier 2 option also allows for one step further analysis.  The dreamer is invited to give their feedback on the preliminary analysis provided.  This dialogue between dreamer and oneiromancer can delve even deeper into the dream.   Most importantly this second tier gives the dreamer the opportunity to share insights gained on their own dream since having read the analysis.   Interpreting and final conclusions are to be made by the dreamer.

Please allow two weeks for the first step of this service once payment is confirmed. 

The fee for this service is $45.00

How payment works

Payments are made to

Payments are verified through matching email addresses.

Once etransfer is verified through matching emails,  we will send confirmation.

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Continued exploration of the dream through one on one service

If your dream sequence is meaningful and you wish to delve even further, you can receive: 

Counselling from a Priestess 

Guided meditation/imaginative journeying 

Dream incubation and manifestation using Ancient Egyptian techniques

Rituals and rites done online together

Dream votives and bundles available for purchase (optional)  

The fee for this service is $75.00/hour

The service of Oneiromancy through card reading or dreaming on behalf of the petitioner is available. 

Please inquire. 

Continued exploration of the dream through dream analysis group sessions

If your dream sequence is meaningful and you wish to delve even further, you can: 

Twice monthly Online Dream Group Sessions

Having group sessions is beneficial to one who is looking for others who have had similar experiences or would like to hear analyses from peers

Every other Wednesday evening for 75 minutes.

First Wednesday is open dream sharing session, fee $15.00

Third Wednesday is dream lessons as they apply to the dream shared, fee $25.00.  Dream lessons explore techniques from dream research.


RSVP with fee as groups are kept to 5 to allow those who wish to share a chance to do so.  

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