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Who I am...

My name is Anat, Akhesenhet.

I am a devotee to the Ancient Egyptian Gods.   

Het Eset, Het Set, Het Sekhmet, Het Anpu and Het Bastet. 

Scribe in the service of Maat.

Priestess, public speaker, dream therapist, Oneiromancer,  Hartibi and facilitator of Sacred Space.   

Independent Researcher in Egyptology.

I create ritual and write prayers to all the Neteru. 

This work has become my life's purpose. 

Sharing my knowledge of Ancient Egyptian spiritual practices and wisdoms with others on their journey is my passion.     


Work I have done...


Sacred Shrine space ritual at Toronto Pagan Pride Day and Hamilton Harvest Fest, annually, 2009 and ongoing


Kaleidoscope Gathering, 

Four Winds Festival,

Speaker, 2002-2010

Canadian National Pagan Conference, Speaker, 2012, 2013

Ancient Egyptian Spirituality and Magical  Practice

Parliament of the Worlds Religions, Speaker 

2018 - Contending's of Horus and Seth - Morality play

2021- Ritual Practice in Scared Space 

Regional Representative for Southern Ontario,

Greater Toronto and Ottawa  Areas

International Association for Study of Dreams

Toronto Chapter, workshops,  2012, 2020

IASD Guidelines for Ethical Dreamwork Training | International Association for the Study of Dreams ( 

Society for the Studies of Egyptian Antiquities -Scholar's Symposium 2009 

Contending's of Horus and Seth - Morality play

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