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Ritual Tools

Ritual tools made in the House of Eset and Set are made by hand and imbued with HEKA.  None are made in advance of consult.   These votives are not manufactured nor pre-made and will take time to make.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for production and shipping.    Candles, talismans, beaded jewelry, and amulets as well as ritual scarves are all created with the what the wearer wishes to achieve.   Thought, purpose and energy is imbued into every votive. Dream bundles are made specifically for ritual dream incubation.    

Listed below are some reasons for obtaining a temple votive item. Please choose the aspects and elements  you wish your votive to achieve for you.  Or you may convey to me the need or desire you wish the votive to aid you with and I will

make one for you:

Luck with kin
Prophetic Dreams
Love charm
Ease of ailments
Luck in financial matters
Protection of a home
Protection of a loved one, child or newborn
Protection from the evil eye of a jealous person

Guarding your home and family from the evil eye

A prosperous new year

To mark a special group gathering i.e. reunions with loved ones, weddings or funerals

Voyages and travels

Reminder of a deceased loved one or of ancestors

Do you know someone who is just “unlucky” and needs a boost?

Do you know someone who has an important event in their near future? (i.e.

job interview, birth of a baby or a financial opportunity).

Maybe you have a friend who has a birthday coming up? 

Maybe you know a loved one who is ill or going through a difficult period.


Your belief and  feelings in your votive are a powerful catalyst for its effectiveness. 
What faith you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. 

dream bundle.jpg

Dream bundles 

Dream bundles can be tailored for you with your purpose in mind. They consist of a candle, instructions for dream ritual preparation for a chosen Neteru, a small decorative pillow and incense.

A dream bundle also makes a thoughtful gift for a good friend.  


 Please advise if you have any allergies to scents or natural herbs and minerals.

Dream bundles vary in price starting at $30.00.  Please allow 2 weeks once payment is verified.

Talismans, amulets and beaded jewelry

The Ancient Egyptians believed that talismans and amulets were powerful in affecting change in HEKA.

A strand of beads, knots done and amulets, imbued with prayer and ritual rites, were essentially "spells" that can be worn, prayed upon and kept on the self for protection and drawing down of positive energies.  

A talisman is a small object molded by hand from clay in the form of whatever needed symbol.

Your talisman will come with information briefly listing the contents and a description of how to care for it.  

These votives vary in price starting at $30.00.  Please allow 2 weeks once payment is verified. 

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