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Eaten Apples still on the tree - Dream Interpretation - Tier 2 - Part 1

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

My Dream...

It was a long movie like dream and I do not remember most of it. Most of it played out during my REM sleep. The main imagery in the dream and what stuck with me was an apple tree. That is the subject of this dream narration. It was an empty parking lot with my girlfriend Dee walking towards her car. At the edge of the lot, there was a grassy piece with a scrawny apple tree. The tree barely had a canopy of leaves but had a lot of fruit. I said to my girlfriend, while scanning the tree looking for a prettier vantage point “Dee, lets take a pic of us by this apple tree here in the Big Apple!” but to my dismay all the clusters of fruit were all eaten. Every single apple had been eaten by human mouths, even the core was gone. All that was left was a small round circle shape that would be around the stem, where it was still attached to the tree. They almost looked like flowers themselves, beige white flesh exposed, and I knew they were red delicious apples even though none remaining had their shape. She said let’s go we’ll find another tree. We got into her car and she drove away. …



Tier 2 - Deeper understanding of dream meaning

Apple can symbolize the Heart

Apples can have different dream meanings that could have a good or bad connotation about them. It could be a symbol of living life to the fullest. To focus of mind and heart together positively. As the apples in my dream would be in the shape of a heart, had they been untouched. Is my unconscious telling me that my heart has been absent when it comes to dealings in my life lately?

Apples as symbols of forbidden taboos

Forbidden fruit, like the apples in the Garden of Eden, elude to taboos. Things, people, situations or material desires that entice you to stray from your belief. But what has left me pondering is the fact that my dream narration has the apples eaten while still not picked. Like they were never meant for me to see. Could these apples have been forbidden knowledge?

Apples as symbols of knowledge

To me, an eaten apple resonates as a loss of innocence. Not in the sense of a child learning the inequities of life, but in the sense that having knowledge means that you cannot go back to who you were. But isn’t that a good thing? Again, why are the apples eaten and still on the tree? It is to show me that there was once knowledge that other people now have that I do not? I have always held a little bit of envy for those who have a Masters or Phd. I was not able to finish my studies at University. Actually dreaming about being back at university is a recurring dream I have often. Could that be what my unconscious is commenting on?

Apple dream meaning in my waking life

This friend of my dream and I have a history together about an apple. She tells me that apple was my first word of English that I spoke in junior kindergarten. She has made me an apple from clay as a gift from her pottery class years ago. Its even the same type of apple, red delicious, with the bumps on the bottom. Was it this connection my unconscious is hinting at?

I am going to do some dream work on this dream symbols and see if it comes up for me again in another dream.

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 17, 2022

Very interesting interpretation and linking it to your first words in kindergarten and that your friend gave you an apple is very interesting - that it brought that to mind. Definitely a connection.

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