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Tunnel with Waterfall - Dream Interpretation - Part 2 - Tier 2

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Dream Analysis continued...

This Dreamer's action of descending into a tunnel has always held important meaning to many ancient cultures. It is re-enacted time and time again in many rituals. A long descent into an inner-sanctum is a journey to better understand the Self. The hallways at Dendera Temple have depictions on the walls of what ritual actions to be said and taken at every step of the descent. To the Ancient Egyptians the journey is important preparation for the arrival. The Dreamer having her daughter is literally having an extension of herself with her. The fact that she has a small conflict with "herself" at the bottom of the stairs indicates that she is at odds with a part of herself. But what part?

This dream analysis is a tier 2 analysis because I have consulted the Neteru through my archetype oracle cards. There are many facets to the Inner Child that if explored can do a tremendous amount of healing in an adult's life. The card that was deemed was Child Eternal. One of the Light Attributes is a determination to remain young in body, mind and spirit. A Shadow Attribute is an inability to mature and become more responsible. Puella Eternis manifests as an extreme dependency on others for their own physical security and an inability to be reliable in times when another is dependent on them. The idea that the Dreamer felt it was necessary to leave her child behind does fit with the deemed card. The Dreamer was facing an unknown heading deeper into the tunnel and does not trust that she can care for her daughter during the journey. The Dreamer's Puella Eternis is crying and panicking at the idea of her mother going ahead without her and leaving her with a stranger who she is not certain will protect her. The Dreamer here is both the daughter and the mother who is in conflict with her immature facets to face whatever unknowns that lie ahead in her journey.

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 28, 2022

Very interesting dream and interpretation. interesting how our mind can split parts of our psyche into representations of others (mother and child being same person)

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