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Tunnel with a waterfall - Dream Interpretation - Tier 1 - Part 1

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Gloria's Dream...

I am going down a tunnel with stairs and water falls and go down the stairs with no difficulty. However, the moment I reach the ground floor I have to chose which way to turn. I am not sure what to take. I decide to take the one that I need to reach a person for a private talk. My little daughter goes with me and she is little and I need to leave her with someone at reception. However, she does not accept it and I beg her to stay. Suddenly, I wake up.

Dream Analysis

KEY SYMBOL - stairs descending into the tunnel with a waterfall

A tunnel is the darkened path towards transformation. The journey through a tunnel is a journey to understand the Self. The fact that you descend easily is a good thing. A waterfall into a tunnel suggests an abundance of positive emotions from the Awake self to flow with you along your inner journey underground. Understanding the role of the child will shed light into the nature of the Dreamer’s descent.

Tier 2 - For deeper delving, the role of the child and a choice to be made at the bottom of the stairs.

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 18, 2022

Water is always an interesting element to dream about. It's usually a reflection of an aspect of our life.

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