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Three Ghosts at the Wedding - Dream Interpretation - Tier 1-Part 1

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Roger's Dream…

I start out in a house where they do all the wedding pictures and flower arrangements. I start walking around on my own glancing at pictures when this girl I used to know walk in. She shows me pictures from her wedding and says that there are 3 ghosts in the picture. The ghosts are completely solid human shaped. They are all wearing hooded sweatshirts. Two are looking at the bride and groom and one is looking at the camera. The people in the picture are sort of far away. They are standing on a bunch of rocks next to a brook and a mountain face which are all behind them. They do not notice the ghosts. Everybody in the picture start to walk away. The one guy/ghost did not have his hood on and he had a shaved head. He put his hood on as they were walking away. Just then a woman wearing a long red and black with long black curly hair came from the other room. End of Part 1


KEY SYMBOL – Three Ghosts

Ghosts as Dream Images

Ghosts making an appearance in a dream always strikes wariness and sometimes wonder. Very rarely in a dream interpretation do ghosts take a backseat to the other events going on. A myriad of meanings can be ascribed to ghosts. Ancient Egyptians would view these beings as representations of ancestors with a message for the Dreamer.

A Jungian Dream Analysis Perspective

Jung’s perspective is that the ghost is a facet of the shadow self. The ghosts in this dream are unfamiliar to the Dreamer, so could they be shadow aspects of the Dreamer? or could they be messengers from the liminal realm? This is a question to be answered by the Dreamer, what they feel is correct.

The Number Three in Dream Meaning

The number three is extremely meaningful. Holy Trinity, past-present-future, mind-body-spirit, or even an emphasizing or enhancing threefold of whatever message or symbol the ghosts represent to the Dreamer. The number three means that there is not just one ghost and its meaning to contend with, it could be that the second ghost is re-emphasizing the meaning of the first ghost (especially if the first two look the same) or the second and subsequent ghosts may carry their own meaning.

This dream interpretation is a Tier 1. There is a second part but the happenings of the second dream do not fit at all with the first half. So I chose to split the dream at that point because not all the elements in the dream work with the overall dream meaning that is emerging.

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 17, 2022

Interesting that the number 3 is considered. I would not have thought of that.

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