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Neglected Pets - Dream Interpretation- Anxiety Dreams - Part 2

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

My Anxiety Dream - Neglected Pets in my home

I have not drawn a picture since university. I was never very good at drawing so I always felt my time would be better spent on some other activity. I can now appreciate how much skill is involved with drawing. Angle, depth, grey shading, shadowing, scale and how not to rest your hand heavy on the paper as to smear what you have already detailed. Even digital arts, watercolour, overlay, highlighting, negative inversion(?) and a myriad of other options that are open to us.

Putting this down on paper has allowed me to see what myself as the anxious dreamer could not. I realize that this scene happened in the basement of the house. What does Jung say about dreaming of home? Our home is ourself in our dreams, if we identify the structure that we are in as ours. Each floor corresponding to an aspect of our psyche, the upper floor, middle floor and basement. The basement being the level that Jung believed was interconnected to deeper aspects of the Self, but that is common to us all. The realm of archetypes and allegory. What is my unconscious trying to tell me about dozens of neglected small animals? While small mammals and small birds have meanings on their own, my dream was not specific about one more than the other. In my dream there were so many of them, I was so overwhelmed and it seemed whenever I would start to clean and shift boxes and cages around that more neglected animals appeared.

My dream does not seem to progress beyond this point. I am left with urgency to start cleaning up, to rescue the remaining that might still be alive. There is a definite feeling of guilt and that I am to do whatever I can to fix this mess. How do I get this dream to progress?

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 17, 2022

i have had dreams of neglected pets too. And while i rush around trying to help and bring food to these poor suffering creatures, suffering because i forgot them i am thinking to myself - how could I have forgotten them? How could I have done such an awful thing and I am racked with guilt and the more I try the more there is to do and i don't finish one task before i start another and therefor nothing is done and i am not helping any. Its such an awful feeling!

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