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My Neighbor Mr. Bat - Dream Interpretation - Tier 1

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Zia's Dream...

So In my dream I walked into my back yard and my neighbour was hanging upside down by his feet on my fence on my side like a bat, watching me, while his kids had a huge party in their yard. I called the police and they came and I started to explain my issues with them and pleaded to know why he was on my property. That's what I remember of it.


Tier 1 Key Symbol or Action taken – Neighbor as a bat

The key symbol in this dream that has left a strong impact on you, the dreamer, is the neighbor as the Bat. The bat hanging on your side of the fence is no ordinary bat, it has intelligence, and you understand it to be your neighbor. Bats that have human cognizance, as understood in myths and literature, are in fact vampires. Have you ever said to yourself that he has drained the life out of you? Or felt exhausted after dealings with this neighbor? Or ever felt that he wanted to borrow money or kept borrowing materials items i.e. tools. Have you ever felt that this person is sponging off you or thriving at your expense? If you don’t feel like this in your awake life, it might be a warning from your unconscious mind that a relationship with this neighbor might be very one sided.

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
17 Φεβ 2022

Very logical explanation and yet not transparent - at least in my case. Very interesting

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