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Endless Starry Skies - Dream Interpretation - Ancient Egyptian theme - Tier 3

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Doah's Dream...

I am floating on my back in an ocean, staring up at the sky. The water is still and I do not need to make any effort to float. The sky is black and moonless, but absolutely filled with stars. The ocean reflects the sky and the stars. Endless starry blackness goes on in all directions, even into the depths. It’s objectively beautiful. The emotion of the dream is...not serenity really, just an ultimate calm detached from any other emotion.


KEY SYMBOLS – stars, ocean, absence of moon, absence of horizon

KEY ACTIONS – floating

On initial reading of this dream narrative, I have been struck with a feeling of awe and the immensity of potential. Western traditions have adopted the idea that stars are unrealized wishes, usually the first star we see at dusk or when we chance spot a falling star. Darkness is the absence of light. But there is illumination from a thousand points of light. Any major constellations seen?

Absence of Moon

Absence of moon could be New Moon which means rebirth or the start of something new.

Ocean is calm, not rough. Dreamer is one with ocean effortlessly. Calm and detached from any other emotion. Ocean reflects the night sky. Ocean is the same as the star-filled sky. Almost like line/boundary between ocean and sky doesn’t exist. Horizon does not exist. Absence of horizon means time standing still. No future and no past.

Floating or Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams and floating suggest your current emotional state. In this case, stable and content. Being in water doesn’t seem cold or are the senses disengaged from surroundings. Only sight, touch, hearing? Remembering what senses were engaged in the dream are an integral part of analyzing dreams.

Prima Materia - Jungian Dream Analysis

Dreamer is more than just in touch with her prima materia, you are completely comfortable being in it. Although you are not taking any actions while floating, it means you are being passive and waiting for something to happen. “If we dream of being in an ocean or the sea, then we know that we are in that archetypal Unconscious Mother Matrix”. In Jungian psychology that Mother Matrix is the Unconscious, the dimension of the human psyche from which the possibility for a new, more developed conscious life emerges.

Ancient Egyptian Dream Symbols

The sky Goddess Noot was the embodiment of the milky way. In the literature, she was believed to be both the milky way and the Nile because on the darkest of nights she was reflected on its surface. She is where the sun is consumed every night and given birth back into the world daily. Ancient Egyptians also believed that those who are put to rest in Nile have immediate access to ancestors and liminal realm. Water is primordial medium. But ocean is calm so its only potential with hidden meaning underneath its calm surface. As opposed to an active ocean signifying that it is causing change to happen. In the Heliopolis and Hermopolis traditions, their myths speak of the Great Nu being the embodiment of the primordial waters from where HEKA emanates. The original cosmic consciousness that became Aware and began to manifest all things.

Waking Life

Could the same dream feeling be recreated in a sensory deprivation floatation tank? The next step for this dream’s progress [is to bring it to the conscious surface] is to try a session in a floatation tank. But only if small, confined spaces will not cause anxiety and therefore not allow the experience to be a strengthening bridge between conscious and unconscious, between dream life and waking life. Please tell me if you decide to try this and let me know how you feel afterwards. Especially your dreams afterwards. Keep a dream journal.

Recurring Dreams and Lucid Dreams

This is a recurring dream. The second dream you submitted is very similar but with a few variations. The differences between the two has a lot to say. In exploring those differences and similarities the dream progress will deepen. Doing this dream work will lead to a numinous experience. If the Dreamer can incubate with this intention and ideally have a moment of lucidity while in this dream. Meaning, if the Dreamer can engage their consciousness while in this liminal realm then the results will be auspicious. The fact that this dream has come back to you tells me that this journey needs to be explored. Keeping a dream journal is an integral part of this dream work.

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 24, 2022

Sounds like a very lovely dream. But it seems odd that there is an absence of emotion. In reality I think I would be in awe. But then it's not reality it's a dream. Love the connection of stars and wishes :)

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