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Shadow Gorillas as part of the Self - Dream Interpretation - Tier 1

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Charlotte's Dream...

I have recently been having some strange dreams but the one that I had last night even though when told it does not sound as scary as it was. The start of the dream I was upstairs in a house I have never been in. I was with my partner and two sisters who are now in their teens but in my dream they were as I remember and very young. The house was warm and bright and the window was open and I had just put them to bed even though it looked like a very sunny afternoon. I left my partner to have a smoke outside and saw fields all around and there was 3 gorillas, huge and black and there were three people attending to them. I was staring at them with amazement as I had never seen one before, and one of them looked straight back at me. After a short while the gorillas, one by one, started killing the three keepers. Then came running over to me. I hid in this house under a window and when I looked up to see one peering in the window all I could see was the top of its head. I realized my sisters and partner were upstairs and I panicked, not sure what to do as the window was left open. I remembered freaking out and froze, then I woke up in a panic. What does this mean as it seems to random?


KEY SYMBOLS - Home/house with partner and sisters, three gorillas.

House/Home as Self according to Jungian Dream Analysis

According to Carl Jung, a house/home and happenings inside are understood as facets of the dreamer. Your partner, your sisters as younger, are in some way a facet of you. Are there qualities of your partner that you find comfortable? Are there qualities of your younger sisters that you can relate to? The fact that you thought to protect them and panicked that you couldn't means you are not at odds with yourself. With those facets of you, your unconscious equates them with. Those can be said to be Light qualities.

Dream meaning of the number 3

The number 3 is very prominent in Bible mythology. It is a very positive number and powerful number. The Abrahamic god speaks by repeating his phrases 3 times, Jesus rose on the third day, three wise men visited upon the birth of Jesus, the three patriarchs who were the founding fathers of the Israelite nation and there are many more. Your unconscious believing that the number 3 is powerful could have placed three huge antagonists in your dream to create equal-fold fear. Gorillas themselves are known to be clever, powerful and chaotic as they are not easily or would willingly be tamed.

Dream meaning of Gorillas

Could the gorillas be extensions of Self that could be considered Shadow? Parts of ourselves that we have shunned and are dark, that we have banished away for a long time. When they do emerge, they come out roaring, immature and dramatic as they have not been civilized, acknowledged or worked with. Everyone has Shadow facets that have been shunned. It is our unconscious that gives them voice in our dreams. Are there darker aspects of you that have been making an appearance in your waking life recently?

Recurring Dream could be anxiety dream

If this dream has come up again for you it could be an anxiety dream. If it does, journal it. Look for the differences and the similarities to find its hidden meaning. It is in those the language of what your unconscious is trying to say will have voice.

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
17 feb 2022

what an interesting dream and what an interesting animal. Again the number 3. Thought provoking and strong hints at the shadow self.

Me gusta
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