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Cougar and the Church man - Dream Interpretation -Tier 2 - Part two

Updated: Apr 27, 2022


(See Tier 1 for dream story and first stage of dream analysis)

Key Dream Symbols

Other significant elements in this dream, that pull this story together are the church man, the father, that the actions are taken place in a house/home of the dreamer, the wild cat eats the domestic cat and the father defeating the wild cat. Not all elements in the dream work with the overall dream meaning that may be emerging.

The Church Man and the Hero Father

The man from church (not robed?) is another attendee of church proceedings. He would represent another in the community that you would think you could trust. The actions of him walking into the house and being in the house as one who lives in the house is an affront to you, the dreamer, because he is not a member of the family. The fact that the cougar follows him while walking towards the house is a concerning. But the church man closes the door before the cougar gets inside. The church man is not a father figure because your biological father figures quite prominently in the dream. He is hero and defeats the cougar.

Cougar/Panther in this dream represents Jesus Christ

Something that is interesting that you might not be aware is that the cougar/panther is an animal representative of Jesus Christ. The medieval literature says panther, but the only difference between these two cats is color of coat and geographical location. I did not choose to speak to this point further, even though there is a tie here to Christianity, because I don’t know if you are aware of this information. But if you feel strongly that this is an integral part of your dream interpretation then we can continue discussing further.

Dreamer not helpless in waking life

Also you, the Dreamer is not helpless, just inexperienced, as you did swing at danger to rescue yourself. This is a very good sign that your unconscious is saying to you that you have strength of self and courage to handle your issues and what life can send your way.

Jungian Dream Interpretation

Jungian dream analysis philosophy says that the Home is a reflection of self. Dreaming of a house/home is one of the most common dreams. The dream conflict/fight starts on rooftop and comes into the house but stays upstairs in the bedroom therefore this conflict more about ideals, and opinions rather than issues involving the heart (which is the kitchen). The cougar does get defeated downstairs but not indicated that it was in the kitchen.

Inner conflict revealed in Dream Analysis

The inner conflict you might be having about growing up and this new phase of your life, a newly emerging sexual maturity might be a conflict with your father or both your mother and father, is more a conflict about differing ideals and not so much about emotions of the heart.

Thank you for sharing your dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Apr 24, 2022

Very interesting meaning, especially the house being the self and therefore the danger coming through the roof meaning its a disagreement of ideas/beliefs. So many factors to interpret and connect. Well done.


Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 18, 2022

Did not know that the panther was associated with Christ. Will research more.

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