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Cougar and the Church man - Dream Interpretation - Tier 1- Part one

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Brooke's Dream...

Im looking out the living room window and I see a man from my mothers church walking towards our house when he is almost at our house I see that a cougar is following him. The man makes it inside the house and shuts the door before the cougar catches up with him. The man from my mothers church never knocked on our door before coming in (he doesn't know the cougar is following him ) and the man acts as though he lives with us. I continue to look out the window at the Cougar and my cat comes out of the bushes in our yard and jumps onto the roof of our house. The cougar attacks our cat on the roof and and wrestles him though a open upstairs window. I run upstairs to save my cat but run back down to grab a baseball bat and wake my father to help me. My father and I make it up the stairs just in time to see the cougar eat the last of my cat. the Cougar follows us back downstairs and I am crying and trying to swing the bat at the cougars head but always missing. The Cougar spits out grey fur (the color of my cat) and looks at me then my father slits the cougars throat. No one else seems bothered by what has happened except my dad. I walk back to look out the window ( where I started in the dream) this time crying. The cat in my dream is very special to me as he was born under my bed while I was sleeping in it and I have always loved that him and missed him when I moved out of home last year. I am at the moment applying to do further education. Last year finished a certificate in Fitness but have not found a job I am now applying to start a degree in hairdressing. I have also been seeing giant spiders when I am in bed. and being so sure they are real. I should also tell you I live in New Zealand where their are no Cougars and the biggest spider is the daddy long legs.


Key Symbols - cougar and pet cat.

Key Actions taken - conflict between cougar, pet cat and dreamer

Cats as main Dreams Symbols

The key symbols for your dream are the Cougar and the domestic cat. Carl Jung saw cats as hidden aspects of the self, so in the dream the actions of these beings are what the unconscious might be wanting to tell us. Your pet cat, who is very near and dear to you is an aspect of your younger self. You as a child or a young girl. The cougar is embodiment of prowess. That would include, amongst other traits, sexual prowess. With you, the Dreamer, being a young woman away at college, a new phase of individuation is happening.

Wild Cats as hidden meaning of sexual awakening

A sexual awakening and an identity is emerging and this time in a young woman’s life can be very overwhelming and downright scary. As the Dreamer, you could feel taunted by the unconscious message of sexual aggression especially if you come from a background of strict upbringing and beliefs. These types of dreams may repeat themselves until a new break through in waking life happens.

Recurring Dreams are often anxiety dreams

For example, being more comfortable being away from home or a level of comfort achieved with a sexual partner. Anxiety dreams are often repetitive and no easy understanding. Working with this dream will change its outcome. Dream journaling, active reimagining, lighting a candle and other dream work will further progress the story.

Thank you for sharing this dream with me.

Words spoken in service of the House of Eset and Set

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
18 feb 2022

this dream is very confusing to me. I would not know how to interpret it. Perhaps i find the symbology too difficult or abstract?

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