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Black Salamanders- Dream Interpretation - Tier 1

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Ashley's Dream...

I had a dream about black salamanders coming out of a flower vase. I washed them down the kitchen sink . I felt like something was bad.

Dream Analysis

Tier 1- Key symbol or action taken– black salamander(s) The key symbol in this dream is the black salamander(s). It symbolizes a being who is perfectly adapted to living its life in water. It is a creature who has amazing regenerative and healing abilities. To see multiples of them denotes generous/ample ability to heal or rejuvenate oneself. The colour of the salamander in your dream is also very positive. Black is the colour of good rich, soil and silt, of great potential lying dormant, needing a catalyst to manifest. Seeing a black salamander is definitely a good omen. Multiples of them means abundance of the same good omen. Water is the element of life and emotions.

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1 Comment

Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 18, 2022

Very interesting interpretation. Salamanders can regenerate limbs - very symbolic

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