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Anxiety Complex Dreams

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Do you ever dream about being lost? but being lost in a place that you know you are comfortable with and that is familiar to you?

Do you ever dream about being back at high school taking an exam? Wondering why you are sitting there when you have long since graduated high school? And then realizing you are naked??

These types of dream are fairly typical and have some common threads. These dreams are usually mundane in dream setting. Could be like any other day in your life. Other than a permeating strangeness that is so far fetched you wake up scratching your head and wondering what messages your unconscious is trying to tell you. Secondly, these types of dreams are not really positive. Struggling, wondering, avoiding, shaming, scolding and berating yourself. There are no symbols to analyze, there are no actions taken that are significant that needs further exploration.

If this kind of dream is persistent and diminishes your quality of sleep, there is a solution. Revisiting this kind of dream through guided meditations, spending time in them, but being awake and aware, allows the dreamer to make different choices in those moments. This type of visualizing dialogue with the unconscious will make progress and the anxiety story will change and eventually dissolve. With guided meditation work, journaling, investing time in Self with activities such as drawing and painting (while might seem childish and pointless, on the surface) will open dialogue with the unconscious by going deep and revisiting those “problems” that don’t really exist. More on this...

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