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Welcome to the
House of EsetsetHet


What brings you here?

The House of Eset and Set is a Temple that provides a variety of services for a fee.    Including Dream work and analysis, counselling on Ancient Egyptian ritual arts and ritual service.   Execration rites and curses are not services this Temple provides.


All amulets, jewelry, talismans, dream bundles, candles and other Temple votives are handmade and imbued with HEKA in order to have effect on ritual work, meditation and dream incubation. 

Are you on a journey to better understand yourself?  Dream work can lead to important realizations that your waking life self may be too busy to recognize.   

How are you feeling?  Through the use of guided meditation as well as doing Ancient Egyptian rituals can be combined together to restore the balance between body mind and spirit to achieve wellbeing and enhance potential.  Any therapy provided is not meant to replace, only enhance, conventional medical treatments.  

The Ancient Egyptian temple was a house for the living and it stood at the center of Ancient Egyptian community.


If you enter with genuine desire and an open mind you will find conviction and inner peace.   

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