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Black Salamanders - Dream Interpretation - Tier 2

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Dream Analysis

Tier2 (as above see part 1) If the dreamer has recently taken a turn of bad health, this dream speaks of an abundance of health and rejuvenation to return to the dreamer through an association with waters and good emotions. As there are multiple salamanders in the dream it would mean an even faster compounding effect in there turning of good health. Mental or physical.

Water represents any and all emotions. Emotions ebb and flow through us like the waters meandering through a stream bed or waters washing on a shoreline. Water in Ancient Egyptian mythology has many important roles. The waters of the Nile, personified as the God of Abundance Hapi, has also an aspect of being the gateway to the Underworld, the AmDuat. Those submerged in the Nile had immediate access to the liminal realm where divinity and ancestors could speak and give messages to the Dreamer. Water is also personified in the sky Goddess Nut. When you look up at the night sky and see the milky way, you are looking at the belly of the Goddess. Her limbs out stretched from one horizon to the other. Embracing all of earths creations. There is also a lesser known but just as important God named Tefnut. She is the Goddess of moisture and rain, depicted as a lioness who is kind but also can be fierce.

This dream has a special hidden meaning that Ancient Egyptian belief has revealed. The Heart AB, in Ancient Egyptian literature, is where emotions reside. Even today the sayings we use “You make my heart race” or “She is gone and I feel like there is a hole in my heart”, rings true when we talk about our emotions emanating from our hearts. The depiction of the AB in the form of an amulet to be worn, is in the shape of a vase. For the dreamer to be pouring water and black salamanders from a vase in the shape of a heart is definitely a good omen.

The act of washing implies cleanliness, purity and acts of kindness. To feel bad as you are washing/rinsing away the salamanders maybe is the unconscious realizing that the creatures in the water are good beings and not wanting them to depart. The act of pouring out water in Ancient Egyptian rituals is one of the fundamental steps to purification in preparation for actions about to be taken of great importance and can manifest great things.

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
Feb 18, 2022

I like the heart explanation. it makes sense now

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