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Ancient Egyptian Dream Interpretation - Part 1 - Good Dreams

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Taken from Ramesside Dream Manual

Understanding our dreams is like peering through at what is just below the surface of ones own consciousness. Those hidden meanings, symbols and metaphors are keys to understanding why we make the decisions we do. They shape our perception of the world and how we see ourselves in it. I believe the Ancient Egyptians knew this because there were many dream manuals for interpretation and many copies made of dream manuals. Many dreams have been recorded and dream interpretation was open to everyone in all levels of society, not just the wealthy. Understanding dreams was part of medical treatment and mental wellness. Please forgive the use of male pronouns. I kept to the original transliteration as much as possible.

If a man sees himself looking through a window GOOD

it means his call will be heard by his Gods.

If someone reflects often on what their heart desires and prays then their dream will be manifest by those to whom they pray.

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Cerewin Rose
Cerewin Rose
17 feb 2022

Very interesting how the ancients thought about dreams - obviously they put much more importance in them than we do in general now

Me gusta
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